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Locked out

Yesterday morning a friend asked me how I was. ‘Fine’.

She told me people had been panic buying the medication she needs so when she went to fill her script they were out of stock and she isn’t sure if or when she can get it.

That is a bit concerning. Australia has gone mental.


I told her I was essentially shut out of Australia now and we will have to pay the five grand for the tests here.

She stopped for a minute and reflected on that. ‘I hadn’t thought of people who needed to get back for medical care or urgent treatment’. I wouldn’t either, I suppose, except that we have been trying to organise ourselves so that I could go home for the free treatment.

I am sure there are others, who need things far more urgently. We can afford to pay here in Singapore. Our health insurance may cover it. I feel our travel insurance won’t but the health insurance needs to decline first before we can ask travel. It is far far less likely for travel insurance to cover this kind of test or treatment so. We will see. The point is, though, that we can afford it.

There will be many people stuck, trying to get home but possibly under a quarantine or self isolation period who need to get home for cheap/free/subsidised medical care. Not everyone will be able to afford the local treatment.

I just don’t want to pay the price here. That is all. My stress is because I am being stingy. I knew I could have it free or cheaper in Australia so I didn’t want to drop my entire Africa trip budget on one diagnostic test.

Not everyone travels for fun or work even. Some people were away from home for sad or bad reasons and now they are in limbo.

I want corona to end and everyone to get home or to where they want to be. My problems aren’t real problems. I understand the logic behind a shutdown. I actually think we should do essentially an immediate (weeks ago) worldwide shutdown. 2.5 weeks.

Time enough to find any new cases and isolate them and anyone in their household. No one would have had contact with the outside. Hopefully then it would be over quickly. I think the modelling doesn’t support my theory.

We have something like 18 months. If we all stop moving for 3 or 6 months or something, we get 1 month of normal life before the epidemic takes off again. Then we would have to do a month back in isolation to slow it down and keep that cycle until we had a vaccine distributed and administered to everyone.

I truly hope that is not the case and I hope that a vaccine or treatment isn’t 18 months away.

The world is crazy right now.

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