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Lola and the robotmopuum

Lola and the T8 Aivi robot mop vacuum are not besties, not yet. Lola does enjoy watching it.

Her food bowls are robotic so I think she is confused why this food bowl sounding thing moves on its own but doesn’t give her treats.

Tonight, while Lola was sleeping in the bedroom I set the vacuum off.

The kitchen had been completed and I set the lounge room for a twice over because of the rug. Just after T8 started it’s first run of the lounge room Lola came into the room.

She was yelling. We had picked up the footstool and the vacuum was block g the way so I tapped the side of the lounge to tell her to come that way. Well she was up there in a flash and yelling at me.

Her beef? We started the robot when she wasn’t watching.

Then she happily, quietly, perched herself in prime viewing position. Cute little purry purrs. Happily watching. So not besties but she doesn’t want to miss the action.

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