Lola in Singapore
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Lola cuddles

Lola cuddles

Someone missed Triston while he was gone. Who doesn’t want some Lola cuddles?

Triston got home and quickly relaxed. Almost as soon as he sat down Lola was on him and very intensely cuddling him. She held his hand and arm and shuffles around a little bit before settling on this pose of, ‘hug and hold’.

She didn’t move, he didn’t move, for hours. Like a cute little sooky kitten who just needed all the attention from the person who had been away.

When she does things like this it makes it hard for us to believe she is over 11 years old. She just seems so childlike. We aren’t prepared for her to be old. She isn’t prepared to be old yet either I don’t think. With cuddles and cuteness like this, how could any of us really believe she is actually a senior cat.

Triston is a cat person

Lola cuddles, a chest sit and arm hold in the cutest way.

I was a dog person and while I may still consider myself a dog person, Lola is the best. I don’t know that I have been converted to a cat person but I am certainly a Lola person and Triston calls her cat so to him I am a cat person but we know that cat means her specifically.

Lola cuddles are some of the best things in the world. If I was Mary Poppins Lola cuddles would be most of my favourite things. My list of favourite things isn’t long so cat cuddles could be on there a few times.

Lola just wanted to cuddle Triston, she wasn’t keen on having her photo taken so I had to stop harassing her. I wanted to take all the photos but I only managed two. She opened her eyes and gave me a couple of “can you stop” stares. So I did.

Maybe you don’t think she is the cutest because maybe your pet is the cutest. I am sure we can all agree she is very cute.

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This post was originally posted on 2 June 2019
The day was 2 June 2019
Updated 30th October 2019

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