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Lola has a limp

Noooo! We went out just for a little bit and she was in her bed – a tower jungle gym She loves it. LOVES is.

She came to meet us at the door, after we were both inside. I noticed that she limped and said something like “what the hell”. TW was like what – he had left the room by the time she got to the front door.

Lola is limping. He said she probably hurt it jumping down from her bed and we may have to take a level off so she doesn’t have as far to jump.

Noooo! I hope she is ok, she is napping again now and I will speak to the vet in the morning but this is the first sign of her age. I am so sad about it. Maybe it isn’t age related. Maybe she caught a nail and didn’t quite jump down but jumped and dangled and swung by her arm, I don’t know.

We think of her as a kitten, even though she was at least 4 years old when we got her. This seems like one of those little injuries that leads to every other injury. The downward slide. The broken hip in a nursing home. I hope she is ok and it isn’t the begining of the end.

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