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Lola is eating


We are still trying to get more weight on Lola. Her eating habits have changed dramatically. I notice she will now eat at 1am, 3am and 5am. I put wet food out for her at night and during the day I give her three wet food meals, putting the leftovers out a night for her as well.

Trying to keep the food fresher. During the day I put her food in the fridge after she walks away from it. We are just trying to work out what she prefers so that she will eat a healthy amount.

We have her robot feeder, which opens whenever she is near but hopefully keeps it fresh and clean. She likes to use her little robot but I can’t find the right foods so everything is being rotated at the moment.


She isn’t technically underweight but we don’t want her to lose more weight as she will be under very soon. I think we may have stopped the weight loss with her new eating regime.

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This post was originally posted on 30 May 2019
The day was 30 May 2019
Updated 1st November 2019

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