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Lola is in Singapore – Lolypols is here! Yay yay yay

Lola in Singapore on the lounge

I can’t tell you how exciting it is that Lola is in Singapore

Lola exploring as soon as her crate was open
Lola exploring as soon as her crate was open

She used the bathroom within minutes of arriving. I went to the toilet and she came with me and I don’t know if it was out of habit or need, she tends to follow me in and go when I go, but she went. Usually, after a long and stressful car ride, it is hours before she uses the bathroom or eats. I get super worried about her when she isn’t comfortable enough to go.

I put out dry food and water, she had some food at about the 20 minutes mark. Around about 40 minutes after getting home she was playing with a string with Triston. He decided not to over stimulate her but all of these things point to her being very happy.

Lola settling in and using the bathroom

Lola using the bathroom straight away
Lola using the bathroom almost as soon as she arrived

Tomorrow she might crash as her excitement to see us wanes and her exhaustion for the past few days sets in. Maybe she isn’t going to crash. Maybe she loved meeting new people and exploring new places and it is all ok now that she is here with us.

Lola eating
Eating within half an hour of getting home

Now I am overstimulated. All that stress about her trip being terrible and the effect it would have on her. The assumption that it would be horrid for her. Al of that has gone because she has the energy to make everything in the unit hers. No time for us, just happy we are here, not until everything is hers. We are hers, the couch is hers, every couch is hers, the walls, chairs, bed, cushions, fridge, vacuum, tv, the other tv, towels, washing machine. It is all hers. She may have time for cuddles with us when she has finished claiming everything.

I recoded between play, just before this she was playing and just after she jumped down and they played string chasey

Yay. She is here. She is actually here. Lola is in Singapore. She knows this is her home. She is happy and relaxed. Purring non-stop. Exploring, playing, sitting, claiming, non-stop. It is us and her, for the first time. No flatmates. Just us. But I know her favourite flatmates will come and visit when they can and she will be so excited to see them again too.

Oh yeah, we didn’t buy a doona cover like we were planning to. That was on the list for the 5-day break. We will have to get one this weekend. Something cat will like.

Lola is so happy to see us she forgot to be scared of fireworks

Lola on the bed
Lola in bed

She was sitting on the bed while the 10pm fireworks were going off at Marina Bay and this is her look. Usually she is scared of fireworks and she forgot to be scared until like 2 minutes in to the 3 minute display. The photo on the bed above is her looking at me asking: “wait, am I meant to be scared right now?”.

Naw, now she is on the back of the click-clack couch. Everything she does is so cute!

Lola in Singapore lounging

Just before bedtime, I put out some wet food for her. I didn’t want to waste it by putting it out too early, she likes it fresh from the can. Given that she already ate some dry food, I thought best give her the one she likes and that way I will also know she has some fluids. She ate some right away.

Lola in Singapore on the lounge

Oh no, when Triston turned the light off to go to sleep, she jumped to the other couch and sharpened her claws. Um, that’s not our lounge Lolypols.

Lola in Singapore almost drinking water
Lola in Singapore almost drinking water

The good news is that Lola snacked all night. This morning she jumped on to the bathroom vanity demanding the tap be turned on, something we somehow taught her in Sydney. So, within 12 hours of arrival, everything you could hope for has been completed – toilet, food, water. The only thing she hasn’t done a whole lot of is sleep. There is always today for that.

Lola in Singapore actually drinking water
Lola drinking water

Lola is in Singapore!!!!

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The day was 8th February 2019
Updated 7 November 2019

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  1. Anonymous says

    Nice to see you reunited with Lola she looks well we know how nice it is to return home and find your beloved pets waiting for you we miss our beautiful gentle Phoebe and Timmy so much Brent said everytime he walks in the door he expects Phebs and Tim to be there so cherise your Lola and enjoy her company Lots of love Mum(Williams)xx

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