Lola in Singapore
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Lola is recovering


Lolypols is being a nice chatty whingey catty again. Finally, she is starting to recover. So excited!

I shaved her. A no length, crew cut, naked shave. Her weight is low I wanted to see if she was really thin under all her hair. She isn’t, you can’t see her ribs. That is really good. Lola is still underweight though. Just, thankfully, not to the extreme, yet.


We need her to start putting weight back on. I got her some new food, she likes it. Treats, she has never been interested in treats but she likes these new ones. It seems Lola just gets sick of eating. So annoying. She doesn’t eat until she is full, she eats until she can’t be bothered eating any more.

Eat, eat, eat Lolypols.

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This post was originally posted on 28 May 2019
The day was 28 May 2019
Updated 5 November 2019

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