Lola in Singapore
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Lola is still in vet hospital


We didn’t really want Lola to stay overnight for a night and now she has stayed for two. Hopefully the tests she is having today give a result. Something that is easy to treat without more days in the hospital would be good but something that is treatable is good enough.

We visited Lola yesterday and she was happy to see us but not happy. Something is wrong and it seems to be shifting symptoms so finding out what is wrong is challenging. A tonne of her body is going to have an ultrasound today. She may need more x-rays while she is under. The ones on Friday night indicated everything was ok, except for her lungs but we know about that and have a puffer for her.


I feel so sad for her, in the little vet hospital holding cell, with a drip in her arm. Not eating, not going to the bathroom, not happy, not able to tell what is wrong or where it hurts. So sad, so stressful, and usually when I am sad and stressed my cat will come and cuddle me and try to purr me better. I hope she is purring herself better.

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This post was originally posted on 19 May 2019
The day was 19 May 2019
Updated 5 November 2019

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