Lola in Sydney

Lola loves me

When she sees our suitcases come up, she gets a bit sulky. My suitcase was out because I had to pack and leave. It wasn’t out too far in advance because I booked last minute. Although I booked a flight I had been toying with buying for some time, I really was not organised for it.

To protest us going somewhere she stages a sit in. Well, a sit on. She will usually sit on us and get comfy and stay for hours.

Lola was looking super cute but I made her fall off slightly because she was watching me move around take photos. She had been sleepy.

I think she would have been happy for play time. She was easily roused.

She did reset her balance and then settle back in to nuzzle up in under Triston’s chin.

Bye bye Lolypols, I will see you soon. I am off now though.

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