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Lola: Please don’t work

Lola, our rescue cat, is a cuddle cat, most of the time. Sometimes she just can’t be apart from you, those times are generally when you are busy.


Today I am at the desk, usually I work from the couch, trying to get some work done. I managed to move Lola from standing on the laptop because she sends random things and changes all my settings by mashing the keyboard and mouse.


I was working on an art design. The layout, I am not doing the artwork. So, she gave up the laptop to sit on my paper, all of my paper. I can’t do any more of that planning. Not for a few hours, I guess.


Making the most of it and working on the laptop while she is distracted by blocking my drawing. Yes, she is having a great old time. Playing with my fingers, grooming herself. Swapping sides to see which was is more fun or comfortable.


OMG Lola is so cute. Love her so much!


This was actually 10 days ago! Wow. She sat, lay, played, slept and groomed herself on my workstation for so long that I didn’t get anything done. I just cuddled her, pet her and took photos because she was being super cute.


I have only just remembered the post. On the day I was going to post it but I just had to leave my laptop because Lola eventually sat on the keyboard so I packed up for the day.

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This post was originally posted on 13 October 2019
The day was 13th October 2019
Updated 8 November 2019

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