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Lola Update

I weighed Lola and her weight is back up, woohoo. Her coat is longish again. We may have to shave her, just to help with hairball prevention.

The vet just sent me a message. Lola tested negative to ringworm, yay!

We removed all the plants from the house and her spots cleared up after that.

The orchids were pretty sad looking. Instead of throwing them out, I put them outside on the windowsill. Now they are coming back to life. Wonderful. I had mostly killed them by having them inside but they are in their natural environment outside so I guess it makes sense. They may thrive out there.

Maybe I can have some nice orchids and no effort to grow them if I leave them outside. It will be super sad if it was the plants making Lola sick. My thought is that the test came back negative because we managed to get rid of the fungus on her. I was super paranoid and super clean when trying to kill any fungus spores that could be anywhere in the house. I wanted to try and make sure Lola was ok and I think all that effort worked.

Seems like we had a couple of wins. Plants are alive and doing well, Lola is recovering and the test came back negative. She can walk again. So much stress for far too long and now things look to be ok.


Lola still has asthma.

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This post was originally posted on 28 August 2019
The day was 28 August 2019
Updated 30th October 2019

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