Lola in Singapore
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Hug! Lola wanted a hug :)

Lola wanted a hug, well that is what I originally thought.

Today, while I was working, after I had played with Lola and given her lunch, she jumped up on the desk and basically straight on to my shoulder for a cuddle.

We had a nice long cuddle and some pats and then I gave her another tin for lunch. Sometimes she gives cuddles to get food. She had a little bit of that but then asked for me to cuddle her under the blanket.

So, I got up to get the blanket ready. Then I hopped under the blanket and arranged my legs in the way she prefers.

What happened next? She farted in my face, a real stinker, and then ran away.

Oh Lola, you stinker. I love you. Don’t ever change

Lola wanted a hug on the bed
Lola wanted a hug or to prank me. She did both I guess. Looking pretty pleased with herself.

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This post was originally posted on 11 July 2019
The day was 11 July 2019
Updated 30th October 2019

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