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Lola wet the bed

Last night, I was laying on the edge of the bed, facing the wall, almost asleep. Triston was downstairs, watching TV or working or something.

Lola had been in the bathroom with me when I went before bed but she didn’t go. She looked like she was going to but decided against it. Lola likes to go to the bathroom when I do.

Anyway, I was in bed, nice and calm and Lola came running in and jumped into the middle of the bed, behind me, like as if we were playing. With gusto, basically.

Then I heard this odd sound and I thought she must have been doing a projectile vomit, one that doesn’t include a hacking noise. So I was in the process of sitting up and spinning around when the smell hit me.

Not vomit, wee. I jumped off the bed, she ran away. I called for Triston and I tried to get the bedding off before wee got through to the mattress. OMG she never does this.

I was so stressed, is she just old now that this is her thing. She didn’t cry, so it didn’t seem like a UTI kind of issue.

After getting the bedding off, I found her and gave her lots of cuddles. Even though she did a decent sized wee, I was pretty sure that because I jumped up I had interrupted her.

We went into both bathrooms to see if either litter looked appealing to her. They didn’t seem to or she had finished. So I went back to bed, wondering if she was just going to wee behind me any time she needed to go.

We changed the bedding and had the wet stuff washing, luckily the wee hadn’t made it into the mattress. We have an Ikea topper on and it has a cover, that cover seemed thick enough (or maybe it is waterproof, I don’t know) but it was thick enough and we were fast enough that it didn’t get past into the foam.

So I went back to bed, wondering if she was just going to wee behind me any time she needed to go.

In the middle of the night, she donked me on the head. I got up and took her to the bathroom. She wanted to go, but she wasn’t comfortable with the litter boxes.

She had used both already, pooping in each, which is a good sign for comfort but I had moved her original one into our ensuite rather than having both in the same bathroom. It seemed like there was a smell coming from outside in our ensuite that she wasn’t comfortable with.

I was cuddling her so that she didn’t run off and wee on some other soft furnishings which meant I couldn’t carry her litter – it’s big and heavy, too much for one hand. I had to wake Triston up. He moved the litter over from the ensuite to the main bathroom and I pushed it back to the spot it had been in from the moment we moved into this flat.

That did it, even though the other litter was still in the bathroom, one she was comfortable enough to poop in that morning, she jumped into her big litter and went.

A night of stressing, it seemed ti be litter insecurity. Ok, the litter will stay in the corner next to the bath. She doesn’t like the smell from the ensuite. It isn’t old age and incontinence or a UTI.

I will keep an eye on her but this seemed to be a moving of the litter box event and not a health event. So stressful but relieved somewhat that it doesn’t seem to be anything on going.

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