Lola in Singapore
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Lolypols is the best

Lola stare

Lolypols is the best. So cute and cuddly.

Cuddles with Lolypols is the best thing ever
Naw, I missed you TW

Triston was away Tuesday night in Kuala Lumpur. When he got home he took Lolypols’ spot on the couch. It looks like she is cuddling him and happy but actually, her eyes are open and he is giving the ‘get out of my spot’ stare. Triston couldn’t see that though.

Lola staring at me for taking too many photos of her being cute but cuddles with Lolypols is the best thing ever
Or did I? Can you move?

Lola has been a little adventurous with her smelling while Triston was away.

Lola smelling

A little naughty with the windows.

Lola being cheeky

Lolypols was happily sniffing the air when a bird flew at her. Not at her but generally flew past the window.

Lolypols being a bit adventurous

Much to Lola’s delight the bird perched on the next window.

Lolypols when the bird flew at her, looking through the open window glass over to the bird
looking through the open window glass over to the bird

There is a big window ledge, that her front paws are on, but she can’t get out of our window.

Lola and the bird
The bird is on the external window on the right.

She was trying to work out how to get a better look at the bird. I shooed him away and shut her in.

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The day was 21 February 2019
Updated 1 November 2019

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