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Lolypols vomited this morning

Lola on the couch looking like a skunk from pepe le pew

So, I didn’t sleep great and maybe Lola didn’t either. Lolypols got up at 6am when I got up. I don’t really remember her eating but I was aware when she started to vomit.

She isn’t a vomit cat. Though my mum says that while she was at the farm without us she did often eat then vomit. Maybe she has picked up some bad habits since we left Sydney. Maybe I am in denial about them?

Her walk was still a bit of an issue this morning. The vet said the vomit and her limp were likely unrelated. Since she has lost a lot of weight and isn’t a big eater plus a few other things, they suspect she may have pancreatitis. It is difficult to spot because the symptoms are very generic in a cat. It could be stress, it could be eating too fast, it could be something else.

She had blood tests last week which came back all clear. The blood was taken in a home visit so we didn’t get a huge amount. I think there wasn’t enough to test for pancreatitis as well.


Speaking to the Vet about Lolypols

After discussing the best course of action with the vet, we decided to keep watch for 24 hours. Vetmobile has written a referral for us, in case we need to take her into a clinic. I went and bought a whole fish, fresh fish, fit for human consumption and cooked it up for her.

When I was removing the bones, Lolypols got up and was really excited. I told the vet I would hand feed her and I tried to do so. Lola was ravenous for the fresh warm fish. She almost bit my finger so I put some in a bowl and she loved it. Good thing there is a tonne left.

After the fish, she went and walked to our bed. Jumped up on her bed and she seemed to walk much better. We removed one of the tiers from so that it isn’t as high. Lola does have an appetite, that is good, she might be walking near normal, which is also good.

I don’t know if I should stop stressing or star. Lolypols is too cute to be old and sick, in pain and sad. We want her to be happy.

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This post was originally posted on 16 May 2019
The day was 16 May 2019
Updated 1st November 2019

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