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Lunch + Cake with Nan

Wednesday my aunt had the day off so she drove down to Sydney.

Our pipe repair was still being completed, getting towards the end though, and we had a lot of things to finish off at the apartment.

Plus, Triston has been going back and forth on when he is returning to Singapore and if he is returning to Singapore at all so it is really impacting our ability to plan.

The safest bet was to stay in Sydney and see people when we had a chance. So, my aunt made the trip with Nan.

We had lunch and cake. I forgot to take a photo of us all. I planned on it but it was actually a super busy day. I was so busy working that my phone died while we were out and then there was all the repairs happening and all the other things we needed to do – clean, pack, sell out stuff. It just slipped my mind in the end.

You can almost see Nan. She got the tiramisu cake.

Lunch for me was Thai noodles. The cake was good but the company was better.

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