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Meat Smith – Delivered

One of the foods I had been craving since the circuit breaker started was a burger from Meat Smith. I decided it was better to eat in so we were waiting until dine in was allowed again.

With phase 2 we are allowed to dine in but I skipped the burgers, went for brisket and had it delivered. Lol. So as soon as we could eat in, we decided against it. I don’t know. I just don’t want to be where the people are. Not while there is a few cases in the community and they don’t know where it came from.

Look at Melbourne. Just takes one and it can escalate quickly to 100 a day. We are staying home as much as possibly but enjoying knowing we can go out if we want. It is all in the knowing it is possible.

I ordered a pack and then added on chips, corn bread and the desserts. I really wasn’t sure how it would travel. The store isn’t close by, though it is Singapore, nothing is far. It wasn’t hot when it got here, not cold either. Being at home we could easily give it a reheat in the toaster oven though.

Brisket spring rolls are probably the hands down favourite from there. We have had them before and even reheated at home they were good.

I don’t have a photo of the brisket, it just looks like brisket, because we ate it later. Filled up on all the sides first. Oh there was a salad included. We ate that with the brisket.

Doing out part to put money into the economy while also doing our part to still stay home as much as possible. Not cheap, good value though. I knew I ordered a lot but I wasn’t expecting two bags.

We both liked the lemon meringue tart the best.

It was good. We enjoyed it. Worth getting delivered, better when dining in but I am not fully confident with the dine in situation yet so I am happy I had it delivered (also I wouldn’t have ordered nearly as much in store so the bank balance would prefer dine in).

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