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Meat Smith Telok Ayer

Meat Smith Pulled pork

Meat Smith is a place we found a couple of weeks ago when friends were visiting Singapore. We didn’t go in as we were on our way to the Chicken Rice place, which had lines too long to wait and we didn’t bother ordering from their stand. For some reason, we had forgotten about this place.

Meat Smith menu Telok Ayer
Meat Smith menu Telok Ayer

Yesterday, however, when TW and I went for lunch, we headed out for the Hawker Stand we ate at last time. Our meal was large. It just $3.50 per plate and we had one each, today we planned on getting one and sharing. The stall was closed, we weren’t sure if it was because of Mothers Day or Sunday. It doesn’t matter why. Closed it is and we need a new plan.

Today, when our intended destination was closed, we headed back to Meat Smith. Forgetting entirely that it was Mothers Day until we arrived. Meat Smith is super busy when we arrive. For a moment we are wondering if we will get a seat.

I was surprised with a free glass of bubbles. Available today for all mothers, I was wondering if they knew about Lola or just didn’t want to discriminate. I am a female but not a mother though I will take a freebie and some people say furbabies count. Maybe she thought we left the kids at home. Either way, TW enjoyed it. He said for bubbles it was a pretty good taste. At the usual price of $18 a glass, it was a pretty decent freebie.

So, we didn’t want a platter and they had pulled pork burgers on special. I thought TW would get the brisket but nope, he got the same as me.

Meat Smith Spring Rolls Telok Ayer
Meat Smith Brisket Spring Rolls

I wanted to try the Spring Rolls, the menu said brisket. It was brisket. Very tasty at that. When they arrived, I thought they looked small. Small for the price and just generally small. When we ate it though, OMG, I was so full. Just one. It is JUST meat. So they pack a lot of protein in and you are far more satisfied by it than you would expect. Then I started to worry that the price was per spring roll and we had ordered two servings because there were two of us. That wasn’t the case, it is two per serving and honestly, more than one per person would be too many.

Fried Mac and Cheese
Fried Mac and Cheese

We added two sides with our mains order. Fried mac and cheese and cornbread. The mac and cheese arrived, as a smaller than expected deep fried pattie. Our host poured a cheesy sauce over the top, to our liking. TW asked for the recommended serve and then asked for more when she stopped lol.

Meat Smith our meal
Our meal – Two pulled pork burgers, corn bread and fried mac and cheese

We both removed the pickle from our burgers. They were super tasty and TW said we would have to come back and try brisket on bread. Then he saw outside that on Mondays they have a special, brisket burgers for $10. So we will have to go back.

Meat Smith inside the fried mac and cheese
Inside the fried mac and cheese

The cornbread is probably the best I have ever tasted. It was light and fluffy but dense. It could easily be confused with a sponge cake but nothing like it at all. The syrup and bbq butter were just the most amazing compliment to the dish.

We have had bbq in Texas and Utah and across the midwest of America but this was by far the best and most complete meal we have had. I don’t know why or how but they have managed to hit the nail on the head. The way in which American food shows tell you that smoked and BBQ food from the South tastes but we have never found it to taste that way in person. Even when we ate at places on the show, there is always something missing. Some strange flavour present or the meat is tough somehow.

nothing left on the plates
Last in, first out.We really enjoyed that.

None of those complaints at the Meat Smith. Everything was exactly as you could hope for when seeking perfection. What a great mothers day meal for ourselves, too bad our mothers couldn’t be there to enjoy our gift to them.

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    • We will try the brisket in a bigger than a spring roll dose and let you know how it is. We have had tasty bbq in America but TW gets too excited and tends to order the wrong thing when we are there. This is the best we have had anywhere. So it is pretty exciting for us.

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