Lola the rescue cat

Lola’s origin story before two years old is unknown. At 2 she was taken to an RSPCA centre in Sydney. I want to say abandoned, dumped but really we don’t know the plight of the person who had her. She could have been devastatingly lost. Her family could still be traumatised by never having found her.

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What we do know is at about the age of two, she was taken to the pound at which time a lovely couple in the Norther Beaches of Sydney adopted her. They tried everything to avoid being pregnant, the pill, condoms and there was something else they used all at once. She was embarrassed, ashamed and generally devastated at the reality of having to give her Lola away. In those moments she potentially overshared. They had to move because where they were wouldn’t suit a baby but where they were going didn’t allow pets.

Lola’s mum, as I still call her, didn’t post a photo just an ad for a free cat. She wanted to do everything she could to satisfy her own mother (that she tried to find Lola a new home) and her guilt (because she didn’t want to find Lola a new home and if she couldn’t she would sneak her into the building her mother lived in).

And that is where I enter the story. I saw the photo-less ad, I read the description, I met Lola and her mother, I checked if I was allergic. I asked if she could keep her a few more weeks because we had some holidays planned and I didn’t want to move Lola and then leave her right away. We had 3 trips booked in a short period of time and Lola stayed with her mum for two of them.

The third was a short trip but just too close to their moving date so I picked up Lola and a friend who was studying to be a vet, house and cat sat for us while we were away for the couple of days.

We will never know how she ended up in the pound and we attribute some of her quirks to having been there. Her fear of every other animal, every animal. Her urge to go outside but fear of being outside unless we are there, supervising her. She wants us to “hold her hand” through the scary things. If she turns back and see’s you aren’t there or you aren’t looking, then all her bravery and bravado leaves her.

She may not be a purebred but she has a pure heart. You can read all about our lovely cat from this page as the posts go up.

Updated 16 September 2019

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