Travelling has been part of who I am since I can remember. However, Triston only started to travel overseas because of me.

We have so many stories to tell. That is to say with over 10 years of travel stories to catch up on it might take some time. Firstly I have to remember them and then I need to chronicle them all. You can check out some of our trips below and you can catch up on the latest posts.

The most recent posts may not reflect a sequential order to a trip or our travel. I try but life can happen and then I tend to start again with what I remember best, that could be a newer trip.

Below are the travel stories I have already started to record. Just click the blue highlighted text to go to the home page of the trip you are interested in reading about.


Marina Bay Sands Singapore from Raffles

Our Move to Singapore – we moved from Sydney to Singapore with a work transfer. I have worked overseas in a couple of countries on working holiday visas but TW never got that chance. Now, he has the chance, in Singapore.


Hyatt Regency Phuket pool in the morning

Our first trip together from Singapore is Thailand. 2 nights Phuket, 4 nights Bangkok and 2 nights Hua Hin. We are on the trip at the moment and we will be updating as we travel along.


Windy Naturally Saskatchewan

Honeymoon! Read all about our super classy road trip from Vancouver to Montreal. We are Australian and were living in Sydney so our honeymoon started and ended in Hawaii. Because, why not.

French Polynesia

Tikehau French Polynesia

French Polynesia – Tahiti, Tikehau, Bora Bora and Mo’orea. Deciding which islands to actually visit was probably the hardest part of the trip. Bora Bora had to be on the list but 12 nights in one place seemed too long. I think I might try to retire to Tikehau. That is, if it doesn’t sink completely below sea level.


TW's first overseas trip. Snow at the grand canyon
TW’s first ever overseas trip in 2008 to meet me in Vegas – throwing a snow covered rock at me at the Grand Canyon.

We have been to America many times. Both of our first international trips were to America. Mine was to work on a summer camp, my second was to go back and visit a friend for their 21st birthday a couple years after summer camp. Actually it was the younger brother of a friend from camp but I met all the family after camp ended. TW’s trip was to meet me in Vegas for New Years Eve. I was supposed to be in Paris for new years eve but he wouldn’t come to Paris so I had to move my flights around and skip Ireland to meet him in Vegas in time.

At the moment just to Amangiri is live on this site. I will update a page as there is more content.

Where we have been

Michelle USA States

Finally, if you would like to see some maps of where we have been, you can find those here. I don’t know if we have a bucket list but we are crossing things off. We try to go to somewhere new every year. The problem with a list is, any time you cross something off you add about 10 more and you need to go back to that destination. We tend to think we will go somewhere only once so we should try and see as much as we can. In doing so, we tend to fall in love with the place, people and culture. Once your in love, you have to return, you need to know more. I don’t know that we have a list but we sure do try to see what we can.

Lola our Ragdoll Cat

Lola at the farm
Lola at the farm

We also have a section dedicated to our cat. Her travels and adventures and just her generally.