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Miam Miam Bugis Junction

Miam Miam is on level 2 of Bugis Junction, on the BHG side, not the foodcourt side. Occasionally we will walk past. They have big soufflé pancakes advertised which look amazing. Traditional soufflés are on the menu too as well as french toast.

So, for whatever reason, we decided to go for dinner and have pasta because if you see a pancake you like, why not have pasta?

Triston went with the Modern Yaki, and he thought the name was fitting. He thought it was yucky. That is a shame.

I had the Carbonara. It was decent. Maybe too traditional for me. A little too salty. I think that makes it a good one, the properly made ones do tend to be salty. Too salty for me.

The meals were decently large which meant we had no room for the pancakes. We sat for a while to try and wait for hunger to return but we were just too full.

We still haven’t had a sweet at Miam and I reckon they would be tasty. One day we will, I am sure.

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