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Mole Biopsy

Stitches are out. Yay. Results are back. Boo.

Melanoma, stage 2 cancer. A larger portion of surrounding tissue needs to be removed because it is a malignant cancer and was growing (mostly sideways and upwards so that is good). The Dr felt my lymph nodes and noted nothing unusual but based on family history and that my cousin died before she was 40, I might ask if there is a way to biopsy some lymph nodes as well. I am not sure that is a thing but I can ask.

Tissue removal set for 21st. Mole was removed at the time of the biopsy but they need to really cut a lot more of my arm out. The margin was ok for … I dunno…. maybe for the basal cell or non malignant cancer. I don’t think they just go and remove centimetres of tissue when taking out a mole just for fun. It will be fine.

I will be fine. It is all probably fine. I just need more surrounding tissue removed because it was an active proper malignant cancer but it is only stage 2 so I don’t need chemo or anything else.

11:15am appointment, 11:18am results. Midday lunch with a friend because I had class at 3:30pm and if I went home I probably wouldn’t leave again. Triston was super busy at work so it isn’t like he could take time off to comfort me. I am lucky to know people here. I was happy and distracted. It will be ok.

Not super looking forward to the new surgery. It will take about 40 minutes… 40 minutes of scraping the skin and tissue away while I am awake, trying not to move. Not ideal for me. But. I just have to listen to some music, condition myself with that music to find it calming and then listen to that on the day.

Lucky I had the check. I booked Triston in for a check next week. Hopefully he is fine.

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  1. Anonymous says

    So sorry to hear of melanoma Michelle but you will be okay remember Brent went in for 2 surgeries
    with his, he had to have the two to take away surrounding tissue he didnt require chemo either but had to have monthly checks for 1 year then every 3 mths etc until after 2 yrs it became and always will be every 12 mths you may be asked to have a full body scan periodically and a full body photos taken like Brent and they use these to compare any changes when u go for check ups We are thinking of you all our love Robyn n John xx

    • Yeah, stage 2 so got it in time. Everything should be fine 🙂
      I remember Brent having his. Found because of the photo from sky-diving right?

      • Robyn A Williams says

        Yes Michelle that is right very lucky find you know what boys r like especially the boys (men) in our family you having married one they never bother to get things checked unless we insist again all our love n best wishes we know everything will be fine xx

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