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Monster curry – Suntec

Monster curry is a large chain. You may have heard of it. Before arriving in Singapore we hadn’t. We have dined at both the Bugis and Suntec Monster Curry outlets.

Generally, we will go on a week day lunch to take advantage of their lunch special. You basically pay standard price for the curry but you get a soup, drink and ice cream for free.

It is actually a really large meal and one is probably enough between two, yet, we get one each. We have had Monster Curry for dinner and just shared one dish with extra rice. Yet, at lunch time we go with one each and all the extras. Weird. I guess that is marketing for you.

You get to choose hot spicy you want the curry. Triston will go for none or 1 and I usually go with a 3. Every time, they give mine to Triston. I guess it is just assumed the male can handle heat better. Not sure why that is the assumption, it is nice and emasculating for him each time. I do let the waiters give it to him then when they turn away we swap but everyone sees I have three hearts on my plate and he has just one.

I personally really enjoy the shredded cabbage salad. I think it is the dressing. If I recall correctly, it is a honey mustard. Other than that it is exactly what it says in the name. A monster sized plate and curry on that plate. We usually get chicken katsu. The chicken and crumb always seem to be prepared quiet nicely.

The rice is steamed. Your spice is drawn on the plate in a heart. So you can opt for hotter than you can handle but just don’t mix it in. It is a slow to build but lasting burn and it does build. Not a terrible heat, just a building and then lasting heat.

All in all, we enjoy it as an occasional lunch. It is no Chicken Schnitty and chips but rice and curry isn’t a far cry from chips and gravy.

Monster Curry is a sit-down (eat-in) restaurant so that means on days when the food court is totally full, we can probably still get a seat without much issue. I like that.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Quick, simple, tasty and comes with a soup starter, drink and ice cream. A complete meal. Not the cheapest at $13.80 ++ but also not crazy expensive. We do return.

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