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Moorea – day two

Breakfast this morning was fantastic. Hilton Moorea definitely has turned on the charm with the buffet. Everything the Pearl Beach in Bora Bora and Tikehau offered but better plus everything they didn’t offer. Food-wise the Hilton is the shining star of our trip. It is a shame this is our only breakfast here, another night would have been great.

Moorea Hilton Breakfast French Polynesia

After a lovely breakfast it is time for a swim. First we apply sunscreen and mostly pack. Then we let it soak in while sitting by our pool. A quick dip in our pool before snorkelling.

Moorea Hilton Breakfast French Polynesia

We borrow snorkel masks from the activities counter of the hotel and head to the beach. For the first time since we arrived we notice a boat. The whole time we are out by the water, one boat passes. One. Not 20 a minute, not a billion jet-skis. One boat.

Moorea Hilton Breakfast French Polynesia

Moorea is far my private than Bora Bora. The boat was also so far away. It would be difficult for the occupants of the boat to make out people on the shore or in their rooms. Deciding between Bora Bora and Moorea for an overwater bungalow, I would pick Moorea, no question.

Moorea Hilton Breakfast French Polynesia

Moorea vs Bora Bora

There is a tonne of coral and fish here. Bora Bora just lacked so much stuff in comparison to Tikehau and now we find it all here again at Moorea. We question why Bora Bora is so heavily marketed and revered when it isn’t even the nicest of the society islands.

Moorea Hilton Breakfast French Polynesia

We do have to leave today, not super excited about that. In our effort to make the most of the last few hours, we didn’t take any photos, apart from breakfast. We just enjoyed the water and sunshine. Returning to the room only to pack and leave.

Moorea day 2 was 6 April 2018
Updated 8 October 2019

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