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Moorea to Tahiti

Moorea French Polynesia

It is time to say goodbye to Moorea. We are packed and ready, not particularly willing, but everything is ready. We have called the front desk or bell desk, I am not sure, they collect our bags and we walk up to the reception area to check out.

Our trip to Tahiti includes a transfer provided by the hotel and a flight. When we land back on Tahiti nothing is organised other than a room for the night.

Moorea French Polynesia

We have a bit of fun in the car on the way to the airport. The drive is so pretty.

I think ahead and decide it probably too difficult to hire a car when we arrive in Tahiti. We had a bad experience in the Cook Islands with a hire car at the airport. We waited until we arrived to book but my bag was damaged and it took so long to sort that out that all the hire car agents went home between flights before we could get a car.

Moorea French Polynesia

Once we arrive at the airport Triston decides to get some chips. There is a food truck out front. We aren’t 100% sure on the menu but fries are fries unless you are Aussie like us then they are chips and by chips, we mean hot chips.

Moorea French Polynesia

Anyway, using the airport wifi I try to book a car while Triston waits on his chips. Which come on a baguette. Much more food than we expected. Pretty happy about it.

Moorea French Polynesia

Moorea to Tahiti flight

I get the car booked in. The inbound flight lands, we check-in, we board. I decided to film the flight.

Moorea French Polynesia
Yay on to the next adventure

I stopped filming for all of 2 seconds and realised we were almost landing. It was literally a 5-minute flight. 10 or 15 minutes from gate to gate. We left early so we arrived before we were meant to depart. Crazy. If I realised I would have just filmed the whole flight.

Moorea French Polynesia
Boo, this is the beginning of the end of our trip

We land, disembark, get our bags and then head to the hire car counter to pick up a car.

This has to be one of the shorted commutes between destinations for us. Yes, it had a car transfer and a flight but the whole process was less than 2 hours and we are now ready to start our day on Tahiti.

Moorea to Tahiti was 6 April 2018
Updated 9 October 2019

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