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Moving complete

Yesterday was a public holiday, we got up early and got the couch. Not super early. We got the couch in the morning.

Today, Saturday, we spend the morning cleaning the old apartment. I got a little sad. Triston complained about noise coming in from outside and I thought it was going to be a whole ordeal.

He is so annoying when he fixates on sound, like as if he has ever lived anywhere that was actually quiet. He hasn’t. Not one apartment in Sydney was quiet, his family home isn’t quiet, especially not in summer when he had the window air conditioner on. If anyone has a right to complain about ambient noise, it is me, who grew up in the middle of no where without neighbours or cars on the road. It doesn’t bother me though. I don’t find it noisey. At least is isn’t a Guinea fowl screaming “wake up” at the first sign of dawn.

Anyway, we got the couch moved Friday morning and cleaned our old apartment this morning.

No, we didn’t do a whole lot of unpacking of our new apartment. We procrastinated.

Probably this afternoon we will start to get on top of the unpacking. Maybe.

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