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Moving day

Thursday, the day of the inspection. Potential tenant inspection, not moving out inspection.

I was woken up at about 3am by Lola. I didn’t take her with me but I did go down to our original apartment. Our couch and TV are there. I didn’t want to wake Triston so it seemed to make sense to go down.

Slowly I started to move things up to the apartment. I put them just inside the kitchen door so that I didn’t make too much noise.

Oh, our new apartment has two entrances, both on the bottom level. One in the kitchen and one, with the house number, at the lounge room door. The bedroom we slept in was above the lounge room and it is the furtherest door from the lift so I used the kitchen door.

I did about 10,000 steps worth of moving things until 6:30am when, I left both apartment keys in our old apartment and was now locked out of the new and the old one.

It was a warm morning but I was tired from multiple trips with awkward and heavy stuff being moved manually. I thought about it for a few minutes but I had to call Triston and wake him up so I could get in and get the key.

He answered surprisingly quickly, let me in and went back to bed in one bewilderingly fast movement. I had the spare set of keys and went back to our apartment but I stopped moving things. I just sat on the couch and went to work.

When Triston did get up, he helped move a couple of things and then I had to get to work cleaning, tidying up and making the apartment presentable for the potential tenants.

I don’t know if you know this but moving is generally a messy job so getting things half moved and being tidy was impossible. Given I didn’t move much the day before, moving everything before the inspection was also too difficult. I got a lot moved while Triston slept but the apartment certainly was not empty.

Our TV and couch did remain in the apartment for the inspections. I tried to cover up the Cat scratches on the lounge. This won’t be their lounge anyway but because it is in the apartment it is important to ensure our stuff isn’t the reason someone doesn’t want to move in.

An extra person came to look and I really wasn’t exactly ready for it but I had brought the robomopuum back down so the floors were vacuumed and mopped and I quickly shoved things from the floor into cupboards. For larger boxes and items I did have to neatly stack them in the corner, I also hid the second set of bathroom items for Lola in amongst that pile.

I’d had windows open to try and air it out but was worried that the apartment would smell like cat or cat food. After, I remembered everyone has to wear a mask so that probably helps with smells but I was stressed about it at the time.

We have to have the apartment treated for pests because of having a pet, that’s fine but I don’t want someone to be put off because we had one.

After work, Triston helped me with a few more things and we procrastinated on if we should get the bed and/or the couch. How difficult it was going to be. Triston found a bed we were allowed to use in the storage area next door to our apartment and we then debated if getting that was better/easier, what if it had pests in it and a few other things.

While I was in the other apartment Triston moved the bed from the storage area in, just to see if it would fit. It did fit, he took the base upstairs and given it was already inside we decided just to use that mattress. We live in hope that it is clean/pest free.

The TV came upstairs but the couch didn’t. It was just one job too many for the day. Luckily this weekend is a long weekend.

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