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Moving stuff to make Lola happy

Yesterday, I had great plans of moving everything while Triston was working, I decided to walk Lola up to the apartment. I thought it would be another fun adventure for her, like the night before. She went up tot he roof and then back down to the apartment then but I managed to have her skip the roof this time.

However, when we got to the floor (via the stairs) of our new apartment, just up one level, the cleaner was cleaning the walk way. At first Lola was ok and we progressed about half way down the hallway. I was carrying our shoe rack. Something nice and light but my hands were full.

Suddenly Lola freaked out so I put down the rack and picked her up to calm her. She just wanted to go back in the stairwell, so my throat got used as a launch board for her to try and jump and flee. I was holding her and she dangled, from my throat.

It felt like a huge bloody scratch but once we got back inside I should check, it was just stabs and a heavy cat hanging on by them. Not too much harm done and Lola did calm down fairly quickly once back inside.

That kind of demotivated us both on the moving front. I was opening drawers to see how full they were and thinking about what we should move now and Lola was inspecting my work.

Moving didn’t start until Triston finished work, I probably could have started earlier in the day but sometimes the task is confusing on where to start or what to do so you just don’t. Plus I was busy working.

Lola is distracting in her cuteness.

After dinner we moved a couple of things and Lola, with all of her things up. Late at night we moved our mattress topper, not our bed just the Ikea topper so we could sleep there.

We have to sleep where Lola is sleeping, especially in a new house. She was very happy to explore, happier when her bed arrived but also slightly confused, I think she did want to go home.

She might be worried the change of house means we are leaving her. Our bed, our couch and most things she would sit on during the day have not yet been moved.

This apartment is a 2 bedroom and the second bed was left in the apartment for us so we are sleeping on that. The master had a queen so we have been allowed to bring the bed from our other apartment which is a king. We had the other bed left, although it is only a double and maybe we should have had the queen left.

We put our topper on, it was too hard to sleep on otherwise, set Lola up beside us in her bed and discussed how difficult it will be to move everything else.

Most clothes, everything in the kitchen, everything in a drawer or on top of something, all of those things still need to be moved along with our TV, couch and the king bed.

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