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My husband the Exo Kai fan

This morning Triston was trying to make fun of me about something, I forgot instantly because it wasn’t important once he started down this path.

He said something something “Kai or EXO or Breakwall” … I stopped him because 1. Exo isn’t a person and 2. he doesn’t know how to say 백현 (Baekhyun – but for my Aussie people that is really said more like ‘bec-hyawn’ really fast) but anyway…

Me: who is Kai?
T: I assume someone in Exo is called Kai
M: Why Kai though, I haven’t mentioned Kai’s name more than twice?
T: I watched EXO next door
M: Yeah, true… but he was in it for like 9 seconds though
T: But… he had the most memorable character
M: What do you mean?
T: He tried to steal the girl or something
M: OMG you ARE a Kai fan!
M: I think I might need to be the jealous one
M: Have you been watching EXO stuff without me?
T: *smirk proceeds to make his coffee and breakfast without answering the question….

Ah… I already made plans with my cousin’s wife and sister-in-law(-in-law) to go to Kpop concerts when we can but it seems Triston won’t be pleased missing out. Not solid plans because it would generally involve them travelling a long way but I said we should.

Korea will be more fun if he is on board with Kpop.

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