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My life is pretty random

It is true. I love my life. Sydney was boring and terrible and I hated living there. Soul-crushing trap. I never intended to live there but I did, for far too long. I love my life though and Sydney isn’t and wasn’t my life. Life is what happens around all the annoyances.

Am I happier in Singapore, you betcha I am but has my life changed? Not a whole lot. I just get to have the same amazing life in a place that I enjoy living rather than somewhere I loathe to be.

But today was spent on WhatsApp calls, messages, Skype and email organising myself, Triston and our cat for the next four days. Exciting times always lay ahead but I do enjoy the moments as they come. I enjoy the planning and the helping. Most of this is out of my hands but where I can, I help, and I like doing that.

One day I will be able to talk about it, today I can’t give details. Just know, I love my life in all it’s random glory 🙂

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