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My parents visit tomorrow

Lola in Singapore on the lounge

My parents are visiting and they leave tomorrow but don’t get here until Tuesday morning. Like 2am or something crazy! They are on Scoot. I have spoken before about my very real and almost debilitating fear of flying. Fortunately, I can still overcome it but I think I won’t be able to forever. I have a fear of water also so I doubt cruising will be an option once flying is too difficult.

My mother has the same fear (my sister also). Dad, not so much, he has three planes currently. Mum does go and fly with him but I know the thought makes her nervous. I haven’t flown with him. I am not sure how well he would do while I have a total panic attack next to him. At least on a commercial flight the pilot can’t see your meltdown.

The panic and anxiety is setting in for Mum. She gave me instructions on what I need to take care of when they don’t make it here. Air Crash Investigation and similar shows are at the front of her mind right now.

They need to drive hours to get to the airport so my sage advice of ‘more cars crash than planes’ and ‘more people die on the road than from planes’. Both by volume and percentage… Probably wasn’t very reassuring. Ooops.

I have the same panic. Mine drives me to get to the airport far earlier than I need to be. I have to get there and calm myself. When we were platinum with Qantas it was handy to sit in the first class lounge and have a restaurant meal. You can take your mind off everything but also you are at the airport so one less thing to stress about.

Will a long lay over make it worse?

My parents have about 7 hours between their regional and international flights tomorrow. I don’t know if it is good or bad to be honest. It is what it is. Regional airlines often don’t have times that connect well to international flights. And flying from Parkes they were at the mercy of the schedule. Dubbo is nearby with more flight options but at five times the price Parkes was still the top choice.

I am excited. We are half way through cleaning the house, thus a late post today. It isn’t super dirty but we do want it to look respectable, which means cleaning everything.

Hopefully, the next 36 hours run smoothly. My parents are almost packed, insurance is issued, passports renewed, my sister is babysitting all of the animals and I am sure she will arrive soon if she hasn’t already. Everything is coming together and soon it will be time to head into Gardens by the Bay with my parents for the first time.

Eeek. I am more excited that Lola when the front door opens and I can’t wait for her to run to the door when I come home with my parents. For some reason I feel like she will be super happy to see them. Probably also super yelly that they have been gone for so long. Oh, I wonder if she is angry at Dad for dropping her off at the airport. We will find out soon.

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