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New Plan

Ok, so. I need another new plan.

I had to call my Nan and let her know she couldn’t get to Singapore. She could BUT she can’t leave the apartment for 14 days and it will be checked.

It comes with deportation, a fine, and/or jail. It is a rule we need to follow. Our apartment is small so the three of us, or even two of us, stuck here for 14 days with no other human contact. It just won’t work.

I also said it was best for her to reconsider Bali. Flights might be cancelled and she might be stuck. They Australian has now issued a level 4 do not travel warning for every country. Everyone should return home ASAP on a commercial flight.

An ominous warning that the commercial flights will soon cease.

Nan went quiet. I had to repeat it to my Aunt. I let them know if they do go to Bali they need to leave as soon as they can after the wedding. As in, the day after. Go for as short a period of time as they can.

Nan isn’t coming to Singapore. Later in the day I heard she decided against Bali also.

I am sad, she is sad, my cousin and his wife to be are sad, my aunt is sad. It is all sad. Just super unfortunate timing for the wedding. I’d have cancelled but they are too excited I guess so they are pushing through and having the wedding as planned.

Now. What the hell do I do. If I go to Australia, I have to wait 14 days before I can get a doctors referral. So much could change in that time. I could get stuck. I don’t want to be stuck indefinitely but five grand is a tonne of money and I don’t want to throw it away on nothing. Triston said to wait until Friday. His insurance said they should let him know by Friday.

I doubt they will let us know by Friday but I am so torn right now. Health is important. Not being stuck is important. Throwing away money when the global economy is about to stop and everyone’s financial/job future/security is uncertain doesn’t seem like a great idea.

What if I just go and I can get back just in time. Before my birthday ideally. Isn’t that the best case? I already have the flight back.

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