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New Words


New list.

위 = Above/on top of (said like we)
줘요 = give (vowel sounds like the wa in war – remember Aussie accent so sounds may vary depending on your English but it is usually written like wo but its more war)
뇌 = Brain (but this vowel is special and rather than making the sound of the combined vowels, for those following along at home, it is an ‘weh’ sound … and there are a few combined vowels that make the same sound. They used to be different but they aren’t any more… brain sounds like Nweh.)
더워요- hot weather – means hot but in reference to weather not like a hot person or a hot pot of water.
화가 = artist/painter (vowel is wah sound)
ergh, ok that is most of the new sounds… just going to list the words for practice. I do need to try to remember these sounds though. It isn’t a lot so it isn’t difficult but I get some of the vowels confused. Dyslexia appears to work in any language haha. Oh well.

위 – above/on top of
줘요 – give
뇌 – brain
데워요 – hot weather
훠가 – painter/artist
의자 – chair
쇠고기 – raw meat
사괴 – apple
귀 – ear
가위 – scissors
배 – boat
그내 – swing
예뻐요 – pretty
지우개 – eraser
서예 – calligraphy
얘기해요 – talk/converse
왜 – why
스웨터 – sweater
카메라 – camera
돼지 – pig

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