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New York Cares, volunteering

Yesterday we got up early and took an hour long journey to a school in Brooklyn.

It is summer and school is out but we were helping with the schools summer program. It turned out to be the last day, which isn’t the best day to have as your first.

If we could be sure about our jetlag we would have gone for two days but as it was we slept all of Wednesday day time so it worked out for the best.

I was with a younger class and another volunteer, while TW had an older class but he was the only volunteer. His class did exercises, which TW completed with them and I think he got a little flak from the kids. They also did a test which they needed to pass otherwise they would be held back.

My group, they did different lessons and activities while myself and the other volunteer sorted out their classroom library books. We spent most of the day assisting the teacher to be ready for the new teaching year. We did run a math class on 5 digit numbers for one session.

It was super interesting. If anyone has time, I definitely recommend putting the effort in to sign up with New York Cares and then registering for one of the school programs.

You get a little adventure in to areas you wouldn’t go as a tourist and also in to the ordinary life of a local.

We took stickers and pencils from Australia and I gave a little talk on Australia and answered questions. Do we have stores and buildings to is it cold and did I take a plane to get there.

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