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No seats together in flight, unless you take the bulkhead and you must know the bassinet will be in use.

On our flight from Melbourne to Singapore, we were in different bookings, with our assigned seats miles apart. So we went to the lounge and asked if we could move. The amazing lounge agent said we could be moved to two middles seats together or an aisle and a middle seat but that option is next to an infant. Or, just stay where we were and not fly together.

For me the only choice there was next to the infant or stay where we were. TW wanted to have other people moved so we could sit together and I said I was more than happy to sit next to an infant. Most of the time it isn’t an infant that causes issues on a flight.

So, that is what we did. I think against TW’s wishes but I wasn’t sitting in a middle seat and he didn’t want to travel separately. For me the flight was great. You get a bulkhead and I got the aisle.

I offered to swap but TW said it was fine. His flight was a little less comfortable than mine. The baby spent a lot of time on his shoulder during takeoff and landing and when the baby was sleeping up in the bassinet the mother leant on him rather than her partner. I guess it was more comfortable to lean to the left for her.

He said it wasn’t super uncomfortable just kind of weird because some stranger was touching him and at times he felt the baby was more his than hers. The parents were nice enough and the baby was pretty quiet most of the flight. Standard murmurs during takeoff and landing – no doubt due to the pressure change and not knowing how to make their ears pop. I mean, I have trouble with it and I am an adult so a baby that can’t talk yet. What else can they do?

The flight itself was pretty pleasant. It was kind of an effort to go from Sydney to Melbourne to Singapore. That was my only option to get home with points though and the Emirates plane felt more comfortable to me.

TW maintains that our seats were better on the Qantas flight to Sydney but that Emirates generally has better seats. If we had the same seats on the way home it would be Emirates no question. He also thinks that Emirates has a better entertainment selection. I watched movies on both and I like it when there isn’t too much overlap. I will watch any random movie about anything so I didn’t think Qantas selection was too bad.

What I do like is you can fly from Melbourne to Singapore with Emirates and from Sydney to Bangkok with Emirates. We do try for Qantas where we can but if I am using points and redeeming for business class, I would rather fly on Emirates than Qantas and we have options for that.

This is a note to anyone who thinks that flying next to someone else infant, or with their own, is a mission and a terrible experience. We chose to sit there and when we thought the parents were stressing because the baby was fussing, we helped. We distracted the baby, told the parents it was ok not to worry. Smiled, nodded. I don’t know if they spoke English because I was far from them and the plane was loud.

Remember that, as loud as you think your baby or child is, the plane is loud, people have headphones in. Don’t stress. Don’t let the fear of others judging you put you off travel but more importantly don’t just decide that it is all too hard to do. Airports can be a hassle anyway.

When you break it down, it is literally just a few moments – check-in, immigration, takeoff, landing, immigration, customs. Once the plane has taken off, if your kid has energy and won’t settle, let it run up and down the aisle. The staff will help you, they really will. Depending on the age of your child.

If you have a tiny baby and just feel it is all too hard, it isn’t as big a deal as you think. Usually, there is at least one staff member on board who adores babies and kids. If you want to go somewhere and can afford it but are making excuses because of your little one. Just go.

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