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Ongoing leak

I have referred to a leak in our apartment previously. We can’t believe it is still an issue. We had a plumber in back in April to service all taps, reseal and replace the old taps. Yet we still have an issue.

About September a washer was found to be completely broken so it was replaced. Earlier this month tiles were re-grouted along with resealing around the tap ware.

leak causing water damage
You can see the spreading water damage

I am not sure if the issue is actually resolved or the real leak located yet but come February we will be after new tenants. Which might just be the hotel so we need to make sure all of these issues are fixed.

Considering we have three investment properties, we haven’t had too many issues during this first year overseas. The one is Sydney is the biggest concern any time something happens because it has the biggest loan. If it goes unrented it causes the most financial pain.

We are hopeful it will soon be sorted out properly and we have started to put a plan in place for February. Yay for investments.

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