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Online fan meet 13th anniversary since debut

After class yesterday I went to an online fan event to celebrate the 13th year since a group launched in South Korea. On Sunday they held an event for 10 years in Japan but that was a little early because one of the members has to do their military service on the anniversary date.

It was interesting and they are entertaining to watch, just talking to each other. They say things like ‘I don’t know if I am deserving of all of the love and support. I reflect on that a lot, I appreciate it. Thank you and thank you again’… and then today…

Watching the ABC news on youtube and the press club speaker was representing the Australian Music industry and talking about how 80% of musicians and their support crews are out of work because of the governments covid rules.

And that really made me think.

These guys have held a concert online, they will hold another later in the year I am sure, or maybe in person if the rules relax in South Korea. They will have one member in the military but they have recorded a new album already, I think. I think that is what I read. They have individual solo albums coming out. They have done 3 or 4 fan meets online in the last couple month. They have had virtual calls with individuals (which is like a fan signing event, where you would usually line up and give them something to sign and they talk to you) and they made hundreds of calls as a group of four people. If not more. In the last few months.

All of these things take a lot of people. Not the dancers, but they do have a decent number of back up dancers. But camera men for the live shows, for the recorded shows, for the music videos. Stylists, hair and make up artists (and they were a tonne of make up), photographers, videographers, sound engineers, drivers, managers, studio workers, whoever does all the tech set up for the online events, people getting the food, props, drinks, assistants, sound guys – like not the studio sound but the person who makes sure the microphone has power and works. Like… there is so many people involved in each event and they have recorded new songs, promoted new songs, new film clips, just all of it…..

None of that really happened in Australia.

All of that happened in South Korea.

Without Audiences.

Within covid rules.

So I would say they should be proud of their efforts, not just because I like the album they released in April but because they managed to keep food on the tables of a lot of people during covid.

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