Moving to Singapore
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Our DIY project is complete

We did pick the cheapest large frames we could find but I am sick of these “treasures” being buried in the cupboard or stored.

Year 7 was still primary school so this is the dress I wore when graduation from primary.

My year 7 graduation dress survived all these years, I felt it needed to be displayed. For the sheer fact that it has been stored, in a duffle bag, in a container, on farmland for more years than I can count and it survived.

The top of an outfit I had made

I once had a work Christmas party with a theme and everyone was meant to dress up. I ordered this, custom made from a google search image. Turns out she is some Manga hero. I didn’t know that. I googled the theme and this was about the 7th image and the only one that spoke to me so I ordered it. On Etsy. It arrived on time, technically but it was sent to the wrong address. So I didn’t get to wear it to the work event. Probably a good thing given how short the skirt was.

Another job I had, there was a fancy dress competition and my boss told our whole team not to bother. It wasn’t a real competition and we weren’t going to be lame. This was so wrong. We arrived and he said if anyone can get home they should because there is a massive prize. Well, the event location was too far for me to get back home and the person who won, wore a dressing gown. That was all. I am still bitter about it. The prize was flights to Cook Islands. I think in business, I will remember it as economy so I don’t get too annoyed. With Air NZ. I don’t see a way that anyone other than me could have won, if I wore this set.

One of TW’s wedding shirts. The one he wore when we got dirty. He washed it. I told him not to. I don’t know why he did but all the Holi Festival colours, apart from some slight hints of pink, washed off. What I had said was that I wanted to fix the colours on and frame his shirt and my dress from that event. Oh well, we don’t even know where my dress is at the moment. We both remember seeing it recently but can’t find it here so where we saw it is anyone’s guess. He also washed the dress, but then I wore it a number of times so I guess that is also my fault.

We haven’t decided where to hang them yet, except for the manga outfit as there was already a nail on the wall. We are happy with the outcome and having these memories ready to be proudly displayed.

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