Moving to Singapore
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Our posters made it here

Against everyone’s better judgment and advice, we packed our posters for the flight back to Singapore. An indirect flight just to increase the handling and risk of damage.

The man in front of us in line when checking in scoffed and indicated we were foolish. I thought it was due to the amount of luggage we had. We both have status and we were on an international flight. We were checking in at domestic as we were flying to Melbourne first. My initial reaction was that he was wishing us luck with our amount of luggage. He was referring to our picture box, he didn’t think it would arrive in the condition in which it left.

Not one puncture in the box from the flight. It did get two small dents in the taxi on the way to the airport but from Qantas and Emirates, no marks, dents or scratches on the box. Our posters inside the box arrived in mint condition.

cat loves her posters

We already have one on the wall. There was a nail left from the last tenant. TW likes where it is, so we will probably leave it where it is. We haven’t decided where the other should go but I do have another on order with Artemis Creations. Just need a nice Singapore update.

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