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Packing for expat life – overpacked

a shot glass and a tea light candle holder

Given that we have over 100kgs of checked luggage between us. Checked luggage 46kg for me and 50kg for TW. Plus we each get 2 carry on bags up to 7kg each. You might think we overpacked.

Clothing and shoes, definitely not overpacked. We have used everything we packed multiple times already. All of those questionable items, the ones that don’t get thrown out but are never worn, those didn’t make the cut. TW has all of his work clothes, some casucal clothes and I got to bring about 5 things. We were too close to the limit and I wasn’t giving up any more of my Soda Stream bottles, I gave up half of them for this trip, so our went my clothes.

Towels, hand towels and napkins wrapped and protected other items in our checked bags. We probably have a towel or two too many. Napkins aren’t essential, I have used a few already but we probably only need four. Not that it is a problem to have extra towels or napkins.

A towel or two could be swapped out for something on our wish list. More so the napkins, I guess. Though each towel has a reason for being here, the hand towels don’t weigh much. The napkins protected my soda stream bottles. We probably could have left all but two hand towels at home. Or found a better way to wrap the breakable items.

overpacked towels
The excess towels and hand towels. Though three towels are gym towels so we should start going and one was an engagement gift from my aunt and now deceased uncle so I wanted those with me.

We have two items with us that we don’t need. I don’t even know where they came from in the first place or who they got in our bags. To say we packed them is a bit of an overstatement. My guess is they were in the room when we were cleaning up. After sorting things for now and later that the final time. In our rush clean and get going to go the morning of our flight we have put them in our luggage. Not really thinking of which bags those were. And they manage to make it to Singapore with us, not to the storage bags.

a shot glass and a tea light candle holder
The two items

As far as packing goes, there really wasn’t much that we brought that we didn’t need and not a whole lot that we forgot. We have used just about everything we have with us. Life is just a little easier having those items with us.

Luxury items like our games consoles are packed and ready to come over in the next trip, or two, home. Like I said, we packed in thirds. The gaming third might have to be the third trip. I don’t know that it is 300kgs in total. The games are probably heavier than the other third.

overpacked napkins

TW probably has a work trip in April back to Australia. He will bring back some of the third at his parents house. I don’t know how much it weighs. But if it is him on his own, he gets 50kg checked and 2 x 7kg bags on board. So hopefully that is enough.

Top tip for packing when you need to move your whole life in checked luggage – lightweight luggage. We switched most of the checked bags for just two duffle bags. No wheels duffle bags. Our duffles hold 30kg or more each (but the airline limit is 32kg so we had to shuffle things around to get it down). The bags were less than 2kgs. The bags that they replaced were 5-8kgs. I don’t know who is making luggage that heavy. But the number of those bags we needed – it took half our allowance just for the bags. It was worth the switch. I owned one already from my first trip overseas. We got a $30 or $50 bag on sale from Strandbags before we left. So much weight saved. If we didn’t save that weight we couldn’t have brought those extra towels, or any of our clothes.

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