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Park Hyatt Sydney Breakfast

We were off to a good start with a far superior check-in experience than our first stay at the Park Hyatt in Sydney. Our room upgrade was very much appreciated and it was a real pleasure to work from the room.

We did still have a lot to do at the apartment but with us both working from home we couldn’t get a whole lot done during the day at the apartment. That is ok, we are meant to be relaxing while we are here. Not that we can as Triston needs to fly to Melbourne as soon as we check out but that is what happens when you can’t plan properly. Things don’t run smoothly.

Our short but sweet stay is two nights, Triston being Globalist means two included breakfasts. Park Hyatt Sydney does not have a club lounge. Most Park Hyatt hotels don’t but Canberra and Melbourne both do. No club lounge means full restaurant breakfast.

On the first morning I had eggs benedict and Triston had the full breakfast. Second morning I had the avocado toast and Triston had pancakes.

His included breakfast was the full breakfast, buffet and an a la carte order. Our second morning he realised that there were the traditional hot offerings on the buffet so the big breakfast was a bit of a waste as an a la carte order when also having the full buffet. He should have gone with something he couldn’t just get himself.

He liked the breakfasts at the time though so I don’t think he should complain. It was free regardless.

The thing I liked the most was to buy the breakfast as an a la carte dish, it wasn’t super expensive. It was basically Sydney cafe prices but in a luxury five star hotel. It usually isn’t like that. Normally a hotel will charge you $35 for a $18 item and here it was $22 for Eggs Benedict on its own.

In a cafe, you wouldn’t order avo toast and a buffet so I think the buffet price is irrelevant for the comparison but Triston thought it was cheap. Buffet for $35 or if you wanted the full buffet and to order for the a la carte menu it was $45.

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