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Park Hyatt Sydney

We have stayed at the Park Hyatt in Sydney before and we didn’t have fond memories of the check in experience or room (even though we stayed after the reno) but breakfast was great.

Today we checked in, early at 10 am, and things were a lot different. Triston is now a Globalist, Hyatts top tier, we were paying his work rate rather than paying using points and generally everything was fast, friendly and efficient.

Our room was upgraded to an Opera View. Previously we stayed in a room facing the back, you can’t book those ones online as far as I know. They are kept for staff rates, points and super cheap corporate rates. I am pretty sure that is what we techincally booked into and have paid for.

Yet here we sit. Working away with our Opera House views.

I have decided to sit outside and work. I had to swap the sunny spot for the shade.

When I looked inside to see what Triston was doing I could really only see the reflection of those iconic sails and the cruise ship currently docked at the terminal.

I have heard other people say the cruise ship blocked their view. I think it adds to it a little.

It is nice to be somewhere clean and complete after days/weeks in an apartment needing plumbing repairs and a few other general repairs as well as everything needing to be sold, packed up or generally just moved out.

It feels very peaceful here, even with the constant sea planes and ferries in and out of the quay.

We had some welcome chocolates in the room. I wasn’t sure if this is for everyone or the globalise benefit. If we don’t get anything more I guess that was the globalist gift. I had a bit of each already lol.

We have only been here a couple of hours, so far it has been pleasant. I am looking forward to breakfast in the morning.

I need more time to decide if I have been won over or not.

It is, for sure, better than our apartment in its current state.

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