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Pawshake – Lola with petsitters

While we are away we get photos and videos twice a day, at least, every day. I used Pawshake to find petsitters. We met the petsitters, Lola met them. We judged them. Lola judged them and we only really needed to meet one because Lola loved them but we met with two. Both have spend time with Lola.

Even though we only met two people through Pawshake, we have a pool of 4 petsitters. The first introduced us to friends of hers. They all love Lola. We have one of the friends booked for our Christmas trip.


The photos usually come through in sets of 4 or 5 at a time. Sometimes we get 3 updates a day. Usually sent around meal times because we have issues with her not eating properly all the time but sometimes it is just an update because she’s been too cute and the pet sitter couldn’t hold it in.

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This post was originally posted on 16 August 2019
The day was 16th August 2019
Updated 8 November 2019

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