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Phase two is coming!

Last night it was announced that by the end of this week, we will:
1. Enter into phase two,
2. Allow more international travel!

It was so unexpected to me. I thought maybe they would announce this week that in 2 weeks time we would enter phase two.

The international travel was almost completely by surprise. They had announced earlier they were opening up business travel with China but this goes further than that.

Business travel will resume for countries with good Covid responses and certain countries can return to a stay at home notice being served in your place of residence rather than a facility (like a guarded hotel).

Some countries will still need to use those facilities as the risk is too high. They have people to monitor you at those facilities. You can’t leave for two weeks. Hotel or at home, the rules are the same, you cannot step beyond your front door for 14 full days.

This means that Triston’s work colleagues who were trapped overseas at the time of the lock down now have a hope of returning. It isn’t yet for leisure. Just for those to return home and essential business.

It is kind of great news.

We can dine in from Friday (phase one ends 23:59 Thursday night). So we can finally get the meal I have been craving. I hope the $10 special will still apply even if we don’t take it away. They had it before lock down but they may not have it during this phase because the numbers of diners will still be limited.

I have been excited about it all night.

Triston said we can’t do stuff right away because everyone else will rush out. So we have to wait until the crowds die down. Which, apart from a lock down, I don’t know how often that happens in Singapore. I think we should go right away while other people are still waiting for the crowds to die down.

Singapore isn’t known for its lack of crowds.

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