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First trip to Thailand, Phuket to Bangkok

breakfast flower water pot hyatt regency phuket

In the last few posts (you can read them here and here if you need to catch up) I have been banging on about Hyatt Globalist. TW qualified for the first time while we were at the Andaz in Singapore. We had to check out for the nights to hit his account but that is when he qualified. He didn’t hit 60 nights, he hit 20 nights within a 90 day period. A promotion I had heard of that accelerates you to Explorist (the level below) while you try to qualify for Globalist.

breakfast flower water pot hyatt regency phuket
Sunshine in the morning, you make me happy

TW was making a decent dent in the nights he needed already but there weren’t enough nights in the year to get to Globalist even if we booked every night between the day we looked at his account and the day we arrived at the Andaz as Hyatt hotel nights. So I searched the internet to try and find information on this accelerator program. I found one, which was open to everyone but we had just missed the registration period. Then I found another – it was a corporate promotion. You had to go to the link and enter your work email. If your workplace was part of the promotion you would receive a confirmation email to that address shortly after.

I was in no position to check if his company was one of the participants. All TW had to do was click the link I sent him and check. He got the confirmation and away we went. He had hit the 20-night requirement at about night 12 of the stay at Andaz. We booked the Canberra Hyatt, Melbourne Park Hyatt, and Sydney Hyatt Regency after he activated the promotion. For stays while visiting people, work or just before we left Sydney to move to Singapore. Bam! Globalist without 60 nights (though he will likely reach 60 nights by the end of March at this rate to keep it through to 2021).

fresh fried yeast doughnuts hyatt regency phuket
Fresh fried doughnuts at breakfast

After he registered TW found an information kit somewhere on his work intranet. He couldn’t wait for the confirmation email to come back so he tried to find out if it was going to work or not. He was very excited about the prospect of getting to Globalist. So online he found the link, his work is part of the program, he gets the confirmation email then sends the link to everyone he knows. He had just 2 days left to register. I had heard of it, I found it, I sent it, he registered, he shared, he claimed all the glory selling it as his own find.

view hyatt regency phuket
Making the most of the room before our early departure

Well, we had breakfast and left the Hyatt Regency in Phuket. Taxi, flight, taxi and arrived at the Park Hyatt in Bangkok. This is booked as a corporate rate with TW’s work. The way his work bookings need to be done. Feeling uncertain about the booking, because there is no real room for outside influences he is anxious to see if there is an upgrade offer here as well.

Park Hyatt Bangkok entrance wardrobe
The door opens to a room on either side, one is a toilet and the other is a massive walk in wardrobe
park hyatt bangkok suite walk in wardrobe
You can see the entrance hall and toilet door (and basin) to the right in this photo – this is a reflection in the full mirror in the wardrobe

At check-in, we are informed the room has been upgraded to a suite. He was so excited that he wanted to jump and punch the air for joy. Instead, a very restrained ‘thank you’ came out of his mouth.

park hyatt bangkok suite lounge room pic 1
Sitting area in the lounge room
park hyatt bangkok suite lounge room pic 2
Dining / work area in the lounge room
park hyatt bangkok suite lounge room pic 3
Bar area in the lounge room – this is beside the couch

A very lovely suite, which we were in for all of half an hour. Then TW felt the need to complain and ask to be moved. I don’t know exactly how long it was, long enough for me to brag to my mum about it, not long enough to shower or use the bathroom.

park hyatt bangkok suite full bathroom
The full bathroom, Bath and shower in the back section, second toilet behind the bright glass door
park hyatt bangkok suite bathtub
Bathtub with tv
park hyatt bangkok suite toiletries
90ml size toiletries, and we have 3 or 4 sets in the room
park hyatt bangkok suite welcome gift
Our welcome gift – shortbread that tastes like steak.

His problem? A train went past below and he could hear it. There is no way he can sleep 4 nights with any hint of sound like that.

park hyatt bangkok suite bedroom
Our bedroom
park hyatt bangkok suite bedroom pic 2

Hyatt Regency Bangkok wasn’t noisy like this, blah blah. Ok. You tell them then I will wait here. Mr. Ungrateful. They offer to move him but they will need an hour to get the room ready. A studio room, in the basement, just what complainers deserve. No, just kidding. It is still an upgraded room (he is lucky). Closer to the lifts but away from the train.

Park Hyatt Bangkok pokemon
He doesn’t look too disturbed to me. Play Pokemon on both his phones while waiting for them to come get us.

So they call and come to collect us. Super embarrassing, changing rooms like this. We get to the new room. It backs on to the lifts so she comes in to check if this is acceptable for TW. If he is going to complain again in 20 minutes it will be an issue as the rooms get a full clean. He says it is fine, they leave.

park hyatt bangkok suite new bedroom
New Bedroom

Then, he turns to me and says he likes the other one better. This one has only one toilet and it is a weird shape and the table is smaller and blah blah blah. This turns in to the understanding that “tomorrows post is going to roast me isn’t it. I can already feel the scathing words”. Yep! Already written, Mr. Whingeybutt.

park hyatt bangkok suite new bathroom
Different lay out in the bathroom. No second toilet in this suite

The bedroom itself is at the back, of what is a very large suite. I think the elevator noise shouldn’t be an issue, we are 12 stories higher than we were before but the road noise may get him. He considers himself a light sleeper, he’s not, he’s just a heavy whinger.

park hyatt bangkok suite the new wardrobe
This suite has a walk through wardrobe which starts to put the bedroom pretty far away from the lifts. Also the bathroom is heavily tiled and it backs on to the lounge so there has to be a decent bit of noise dampening. It should be ok here.
park hyatt bangkok suite the new lounge
Lounge looking back to the front door reception area – our bar is in that area this time
park hyatt bangkok suite the new lounge
Looking to the work desk. There isn’t a big dining table in this one but TW does have to get on with work so he is already set up with a mess of cords.

Tomorrow is his birthday. Apparently, I am meant to get him something. Spending time with him doesn’t count. He is working all week and is stressing about getting everything done. How hard he will have to work on his birthday. How Park Hyatts used to be his favourite but because one room in one of the hotels had a train go past one time he is reconsidering that.

I forgot to pack the gifts that are at home for him from my family. He says he knows what they are but it doesn’t matter, I forgot them. The bags would have weighed too much with them anyway.

Park Hyatt Bangkok room service pad kra pao
Dinner – Pad Kra Pao chicken

We have dinner. The meals are actually really small portions. TW had Pad Thai but he has devoured it before I can get a good photo and he has most of my choice. I thought we would end up having second dinner but I was tired and went to bed and TW worked until after 11pm.

There is a big buffet breakfast in the morning anyway so I am sure we can wait.

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