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Picking a theme

From when I first started my blog through to now, I have had troubles understanding what theme I should use. I liked some demo pages and dismissed others based on my colour preference. My lack of understanding about how things work together generally made it difficult for me to see the features beyond their displayed set up colour scheme. Very basic of me but the truth.

I am not much better now, I still picked a theme I thought was pretty. Zuki is the theme I currently have active. I think if it was a free one I would have used it to set up the blog initially. It is a paid or premium theme, I have a paid account so it is included for me now.

Given I have over 400 posts, it is kind of a huge task to go through and reorganised, link, set up the page. I had manually added posts to either posts or pages as a pseudo-menu system. Now I can use widgets and categories or tags for the same effect. This means, if I can get my logic right with this set up, going forward a lot of the manual elements of assigning a post a place on the blog will become automatic.

The manual assigning was getting to me. I couldn’t keep things organised when I had limited time. This is going to be great. My issue is that some pages are set up all nice and others are set up great but they are posts. I haven’t consistently set up my “menu” or lead in pages as pages only. I can easily redo these as tagged pages or posts with a widget to help all the relevant posts show. I have tried, and I am sure if I knew how to code I could fix the error.

One, in particular, about halfway through the assigned posts the date order starts to randomise. Each row will have the correct set of dates but across the row, they are out of order. It bothers me a bit so I have been debating leaving the page I manually created, as it is already done, and not tagging anything more to appear on the page.

At the moment I have the original and then in the block below I have a widget for everything new to be tagged into the “menu”.

I might be overcomplicating things. Most people find my posts from the reader, tags or my social sharing. That means most people aren’t navigating through my site. It is just a personal blog, for fun, after all. Not big business. I am not selling anything, though I can book a holiday for you, if you want. So, in that case, does the logic, flow and menu mapping really matter?

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