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Pixie Dust Pals

I am in a group called the Pixie Dust Pals. It is an international, though mostly American, group of people who run a gift club. Something like secret Santa, only it is a 6 months program. You get one person and give them a gift once per month for 6 months. You can swap or keep the same person for the second 6 months – if you started in the first round of the year.

You can chose when to participate (you don’t automatically have to be involved in any further rounds) and when not. And around the holidays there are usually shorter – one month/one off – programs too, like an ornament exchange.

Mostly it centres around Disney, thus Pixie Dust, but you get to say what you do and don’t like. A lot of the people int he group have been to a Disney wedding, either as a Bride and Groom or a guest. I haven’t been to one but we did consider it.

One of the most interesting things about this group of people, if the group of people. I have met so many wonderful ladies and gents in person because of it and a fair few more are now digital pals. The diversity is astounding and nothing short of interesting.

I have had two great pals. My first round was round 1 2016 and I am only now participating again for a second time in round 2 2019. We don’t have enough space to always be getting gifts but I think someone that doesn’t really know you can sometimes be the person who gets you the most fitting gift. It might be because they listen or maybe they just chance upon it.

If anyone out there in my readership wants to join. Send me a message. The matching is random, you don’t send to the person who you receive from (or you might but you shouldn’t know who you receive a gift from). If you want to talk Disney weddings, they have a lot of info for you and there is also a group for Australians planning Disney weddings (Disney theme at home or actually having a wedding at one of the Disney’s worldwide).

It is a secret group and you will need facebook to participate but if you want in, or to know more, hit me up 🙂

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