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Planning for Christmas time

I know Christmas might seem some ways off but we have to plan in advance being expats now.

Last year we had just moved so we had Christmas at the hotel and did a whole lot of nothing.

This year we are heading to Melbourne. Using the final flights available on our points ticket we could pick from Sydney or Melbourne. When my parents agreed to go to Melbourne we switched the dates around so that Melbourne was the destination and not a connection to get home. Lucky we had the indirect flight back otherwise it wouldn’t have been an option.

It puts my immediate family, Triston’s older brother along with his wife and baby all in Melbourne so for us it makes the most sense to spend our time there. We may be able to catch some people in Sydney. We specifically requested a long lay over to do just that.

Unfortunately, at this stage it looks like Triston’s parents and younger brother won’t be travelling down at Christmas. His younger brother has to work and there has been a lot going on with the passing of Triston’s Grandma at the end of July. So it is understandable, lot’s of change and commitments.

It would be nice to have the whole family together around the holidays this yeas as we are back in Australia. I assume it will be few and far between because Singapore only has the 25th as a public holiday and life is just so much better here we will be extending our visa’s for sure. Plus I don’t think Triston likes the thought of having to resign again to transfer. It stressed him out a bit last time.

But that’s December stuff. I am Christmas style excited now. My parents just approved me to book their flights to come and visit. Early December so they get the Disney decorations and they have enough time for their new passports to arrive.

Yay! Super excited.

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