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Post biopsy bruising

After the biopsy we got a cab home. I have to leave the bandage things on for 5 days. I shouldn’t lift anything heavy or sweat. Just generally take it easy for the first 24-48 hours. No showering for 24 hours.

By the time we got home, it was about 4:30pm. Triston jumped on some work calls. We were both hungry and before he joined the meetings we discussed dinner. He said I could have a special one because I just went through an ordeal but I ended up cooking pasta and some chips because I was hungry, we had it and I didn’t know what else I would want.

I went to bed early, about 8pm, but woke up around midnight. I had taken two Panadol, one at a time before sleeping and had another on waking up. There wasn’t a huge amount of pain but there was. It isn’t the worst pain I have had but I was sore. I was awake until about 3am then went back to sleep.

In the morning the bruising had arrived.

This is the progression.

16 hours after:

30 hours after:

46 hours after:

I still feel slight pain and discomfort but it isn’t too bad. After that midnight Panadol I didn’t need any painkillers yesterday. Not until I had a look at the bruise at around 36 hours post. I am not sure if it had started to hurt or if the sight of the much darker bruise made me think it hurt but I had one Panadol after that.

We stayed inside most of yesterday, Triston went out for groceries only. I get to stay inside again today. Even after I cooked dinner and we didn’t have a special meal on Friday we cooked all meals at home on Saturday as well. Sometimes home food is the best food.

I survived Saturday and today seems decently fine. I have a discomfort pain and while I can probably cope with it fine, I am about to take a pain killer. Just one. It isn’t so bad to take two. Hopefully, this is the worst of the bruising so it starts to go down now but we will see.

Good news, just a couple more days until the results. When those come back all clear it will be a weight off my chest. If they don’t, then hanging out inside and doing nothing was worth it.

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