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Lola – Preparing for her to arrive in Singapore

Lola in the city

My mum had a lot of running around to do to help us get Lola ready for the move. It would have been handy to know some of these things in advance so it wasn’t all a last minute rush. Thankfully, it is all sorted now. We have been preparing on our end.

Lola likes carpet but the apartment here has hardwood floors, so we got her a rug. It is a second hand rug but from a pet free home. Lolypols really started to love the farm so we got her a cow hide one. Two birds, one stone and all that.

Cat's rug

I don’t like the shape of the standard ones so we went with a patchwork one. It also happened to be the cheapest available and the largest. Hopefully Lola likes it.

Cat grass instructions

We also bought her some grass and I just planted it. The instructions say it is ready for eating at 10 days. We have 10 days before Lola arrives so I planted it. Now we wait.

Cat grass planted

Today or tomorrow we will get our new couch. Also not a brand new couch but the couch we got the other day won’t be big enough for us all. We took the unit fully furnished. When we moved in the landlord wanted to replace the lounge room couch because it was in bad condition.

What will make Lola most comfortable?

It has already been replaced but it is a bit small and the landlord also thinks that. We are debating buying this couch so that if Cat scratches it, we don’t have any issue with our bond. The landlord would likely buy it for us though. It is cheap and the other was free. The cost of both lounges are still well below the budget given to us to replace the original. We just haven’t decided yet. We pay and have no worries or they pay and we have to try and ensure Lola doesn’t scratch it.

She is good with furniture when she has her jungle gym. Only hers. No others. We tried to updae it once and she had no interest in it. She won’t have her own jungle gym for a while so she could turn to the furniture.

TW is getting more excited about her arrival while I get more stressed about her trip. He had a dream that she arrived and was a bit annoyed and asked where the hell she was. His reply to dream Lola was, ‘we live in Singapore now, you are in Singapore. Didn’t anyone tell you we were moving?’ She purred out a no, seemingly, and was happy after that.

Everyone is in touch now as well. The people on the receiving end here have been in touch, those in charge of her departure. It is now just a case of the days coming and the process being implemented.

The count down is on.

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This post was originally posted on 29 January 2019
The day was 29th January 2019
Updated 7 November 2019


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  2. Diane Harvey says

    A long trip ahead for the gorgeous girl. Safe journey Lola❤️❤️❤️.

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